Total Dynamic Power PV Corporation é um dos fabricantes, dos fornecedores e dos exportadores famosos de Além da célula solar, com uma fábrica em Taiwan. Com anos de experiência na linha de produzir produtos, nós somos conhecidos para nosso desempenho proeminente na indústria das produtos. Nós instituímos nossa companhia como um do tipo principal em Taiwan. Nós promovemos constantemente nossas produtos para encontrar os standard internacionais. Nós prendemos uma equipe dos profissionais, que garanta em entregas do tempo com as produtos alta qualidade. Nossos sinceridade e trabalho duro ajudaram-nos a combinar nossa qualidade com os standard internacionais.

Introdução News

Total Dynamic Power PV Ltd. (TDP) was established in 2011, originated from a Taiwan listing fine chemical company, Jintex Group (TW-OTC 1787). TDP is focused on both DSC flexible and rigid module technology development and turnkey solution total package. Based on over 9 years of efforts, TDP has not only successfully managed DSC key technology, but also owns multiple patents on the DSC production equipment and process, and several chemical synthesis know-how of unique key materials for the DSC module. We provide the reference design of energy harvesting power circuits which specially match the characteristics of DSC, so the power generated by DSC can be well managed and saved for IOT applications. We aim to combine the core concept of mobile energy with self-powered technology, powering the devices without battery and extending battery life.

TDP plans to integrate all self-powered solutions of light energy harvesting at the present stage, and adopt other environment energy harvesting technology in the future. Our goal is to become the worldwide leader in IOT self-powered solutions, and provide a full range of self-powered solutions surrounding on our basis, which is light dynamic energy.

The roadmap includes marvelus DSC technology achievements and unique business model to take over the market, which are:

  • To lead the industry growth through core competence in Dye-sensitized Cell (DSC as of below) technology with key applications, in turn accelerate turnkey solution and following raw materials supply business
  • To broaden the industry with strategic alliances that stabilizes the supplying chain and key applications
  • To continuously develop core technologies to ensure the positive cycle of the industry

TDP has completed the development of self-powered DSC module, equipped with low-light power generator. The module is proven to stably generate electricity to power-up e-paper and beacon under relatively low light environment (200 Lux and above), enables regular data transfer and screen change without battery. In addition, there are several key IoT applications have been tested and approved through integrating the TDP module with power management system.

This TDP self-powered module will overturn the current market of wireless sensors that have depend on disposable batteries. In the future, the problem of continuous power supply and the needs to change battery regularly shall be solved, in turn to popularize wide variety of IoT wireless sensor/detector applications. The potential market development is huge and extremely promising, therefore in the past 9 years, TDP had invested USD 10 millions for research and development. As for DSC flexible-type module, the current development status of indoor type had reached completion of mass production in the end of 2018.

Relative News

Future Market of the DSC Self-Powered Module

Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, had predicted that the IoT devices would increase to 26 billion units in 2021. On the other hand, a report of ABI Research company of America had stated that the global BLE related IoT devices would reach over billions. As the DSC module supplies power for those who rely on disposable batteries, this innovative product may avoid intense red-ocean competition and add value to cooperatives by gaining more profit. TDP had tested the self-powered module and planned out three marketing channels/ strategies with several greater China customers. The potential of TDP and DSC module is not to be underestimated.

【AWARDS】Excellent Industry Upgrade Awarded by Taiwan Minister of Economic Affairs

Date:2017/6/22 10:00~17:00
Place: DOZO Restaurant, 1F, No. 102, Guangfu South Road, Taipei, Taiwan

【AWARDS】Excellent PV Product Award of Taiwan

Date:2017/6/14(Wed)~6/16(Fri) 09:00~17:00
Place:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (Booth:K1120)

Nossos sinceridade e trabalho duro ajudaram-nos a combinar a qualidade de nossas

Além da célula solar

com os standard internacionais.De acordo com os tipos diferentes de manufatura exije, nós ofereça-lhe serviços perfeitos.